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Trudi Gallacher. 2014

I attended an Obagi Blue Peel training workshop run by Shannon Lister in June 2014.

The training day far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough to other Medical Aesthetic Practitioners looking to provide Obagi Peels for their patients.

Shannon was extremely professional throughout the day, her expertise in the subject material was evident both practically and theoretically, however it was Shannon’s ability to transfer this knowledge and demonstrate the procedures very clearly that made the training so valuable. I was made to feel most welcome and included throughout the whole day.

Post training support has also been exemplary with a very fast and efficient response to any follow up questions I have had.

Thank you Shannon

Trudi Gallacher
Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Dr Sarah Norman. 2012

Dear Shannon,

Just to thank you so much for a fantastic day of training in Obagi yesterday. Your knowledge and teaching was outstanding. I intend to recap my notes and the handout to help me to assimilate the information so that I can pass on your training for the benefit of my patients.

Tina Sloan. 2014

I have been in the medical aesthetics industry for over seventeen years and during this time I have had the privilege of working with some eminent, highly accredited professionals.

My business is focused strongly on skin health.

In 2001 I was introduced to the ‘Obagi’ protocol skin care system when it was launched in the UK. After some thorough research I knew I had found the solution to some of my client’s facial problems, not to mention my own.

It was through Obagi that I later had the pleasure and fortune of meeting ‘Shannon Lister’, a highly qualified nurse who was training with Obagi at the time. A more dedicated, caring, competent, ethical nurse with excellent patient skills, I have yet to meet.

As a representative of ‘Obagi Skin Care’ she is testament to her knowledge and dedication on skin health – she is quite simply a superb aesthetician.

I regularly see clients who have been on the ‘Obagi’ programme for a number of years (like myself) and testify to loving the freedom of managing their own anti-ageing treatments.

There is nothing more empowering than 'taking control of your own wellbeing'!

Thank you Shannon for sharing your valuable knowledge and expertise.

Donna. 2014

Shannon is one of the most humble, dedicated and methodical aesthetic practitioners I have ever had the privilege of knowing & being treated by. She makes me always feel at ease & explains treatments that leave me feeling confident in my choices AND that produce amazing results!

'My secret is out! I had tried to defy the aging process on my own but now I have someone with the expert knowledge & techniques to really make me shine!...Shannon has taken the patience to create a journey over time specifically for me to achieve optimal outcomes for my skin! Testament to her treatments is that people have to ask me if I've had anything 'done', at the age of 48, because it all looks so wonderfully natural!!

'By virtue of Shannon’s professional, meticulous, warm and caring nature I had absolutely no problem placing myself in her care for my first ever experience with fillers. And the look is so natural....nobody knows...they just continue to say how good I look for my age! The sign of a real expert!'

Antonia Stewart. 2014

I have had problematic skin since I was 12 years old. I am now 40.

In June 2014 I was introduced to Nurse Shannon Lister. Shannon discussed my skin condition in depth and understood what all the previous practitioners had not. Shannon knows the inner workings of the skin, the glands, the blood cells, the chemical reactions that cause flare ups. In fact there is not one question I put to Shannon that she did not answer with a full credible medical explanation. Firstly this gave me immense reassurance that I was speaking to someone that actually knew their stuff, second I had finally found a real professional who actually wanted to help cure my skin condition.

Shannon immediately suggested that I try Obagi pore therapy and that I undergo an Obagi chemical peel. I ordered the pore therapy treatment straight away and it changed my life within two days. Shannon, also took time to talk to me, on the telephone, about everything that my skin had gone through, what is was going through now and what would happen with the skin peel. It was like speaking to the inside of my mind that was crying out for help with my skin and finally someone had all the answers! It was a huge relief just speaking with Shannon, everything I described she understood. It took an enormous weight of my mind and gave me immense confidence to go forward with the chemical peel.

A few weeks later I underwent an Obagi chemical peel. Administered by Shannon, she is incredibly calm, caring, reassuring and professional. She explained everything about the procedure before it happened, as it was happening and after. During my treatment, and at every moment, I felt very well taken care of and I felt in control of the procedure because of the assurance and care that Shannon, gave. My skin has responded exceedingly well to the peel but more than that, Shannon, has urged me to see my Dr regarding a hormonal imbalance impacting my skin over the last 28 years. It was something I have never though related but made perfect sense when all my symptoms were discussed.

The care and positivity, the skill and knowledge of Shannon Lister is without compromise. She is, by far, the best in her field and her practice standards are very high. Her academic knowledge is superior to all the dermatologists I have come across in 28 years. Her training and experience is a standard many levels above what you will come across simply because she is not only an expert in what she does but she genuinely cares about helping you have a better life and she loves what she does.

There are not enough positive, affirming words in the English dictionary to describe the skill, the sheer dedication and care of Shannon Lister. She has set the bench mark to new heights.